MArch Master’s in Architecture, Design and Innovation or Design or MArch Advanced Master’s in Architecture, Design and Business Administration?



Choosing a postgraduate degree in Architecture and Design is crucial for the professional development of each architect/designer. If you have doubts between the MArch Master in Architecture and Design and the MArch Advanced Master in Architecture, Design and Business Administration, we will try to resolve them here.

Both programs are taught from October to October and are aimed at final-year students, graduates or professionals in Architecture, Technical Architecture, Interior Design, Product Design or other technical and creative disciplines. In addition, they are compatible with other training and professional activities.

Modules: The advantage of the MBA for Architects

The activities of the programs are grouped into different modules by areas of knowledge. Each of these modules is made up of various workshops and presentations that allow combining practical activities with theoretical capsules.

These modules are completed with a final module that offers the student the opportunity to develop a global project throughout the course. The modules are:

M01 Communicate
M02 Research
M03 Building
M04 Digital innovation
M05 Interior design
M06 Product design
MF Final module
You can know what each module consists of here.

The MMA is also distinguished by the inclusion of an additional module: the MBA for Architects. This module provides the student with the necessary tools and skills for the proper administration and direction of an architecture and design studio or company, as well as the necessary methodology for its internal management, both from an organizational and corporate point of view as well as from that of the human or financial resources. It also lays the foundations for its scalability at a national and international level.

Workshops and trips: Exclusivity in MMA

Although both programs share a large number of workshops (31) that you can see here, the MMA has two exclusive workshops that further enrich its academic offer:

– Workshop Atelier Aires Mateus: Students have the opportunity to learn from the prestigious Portuguese architects Aires Mateus, known for their minimalist approach and sensitivity to context and materiality.

– RCR La Vila Workshop: This workshop allows students to immerse themselves in the universe of RCR Arquitectes, winners of the Pritzker, and explore their innovative design and conceptualization techniques in a practical environment.

Each of the programs includes a series of trips and visits that complement the activities. The trips allow students to see architecture and design projects first-hand, visit studios, companies and works in progress. They also allow you to visit and participate in the most important international architecture and design events.

The trips included in the master’s degrees are to the city of Porto, to the Milan Fair and to Barcelona. The MMA also includes a trip to Japan, Switzerland and the Venice Biennale.

Opportunities to expand your skills

Both programs offer an excellent opportunity to expand your knowledge and skills in architecture and design. The choice between one or the other will depend on your priorities and professional objectives. If you are looking to focus on business management and the direction of your own architecture and design studio, the MArch Advanced (MMA) would be the most appropriate option. However, if you prefer to focus on improving your knowledge and skills within the architecture and design sector, the MArch Master in Architecture and Design (MAD) could be the most suitable option.

Ultimately, both programs will provide you with a solid training and an enriching experience and if you prefer us to advise you, it will be our pleasure to help you!



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