Architecture visits with Portoacademy



This week the students of the MArch Advanced program in Architecture, design and business administration travel to Sweden to start a new edition of the Portoacademy workshop, which this year takes place in the Scandinavian country. It is divided into two cities, Stockholm and Växjö.

They will spend the first two days in the capital of the country and will dedicate them to the study of the work of Sigurd Lewerentz and Gunnar Asplund, mainly, attending talks given by specialists and visiting some of the most representative works that these architects built in Stockholm, like the church of San Marcos, the chapel of the Resurrection, the visitor center or the Woodland chapel.

They also visited Norell Rodhe’s Royal Institute of Art and ArkDes, where they will find an exhibition on Tham & Videgård, as well as works by Peter Celsing.


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