Ibán Ramón Designs the Poster for the Seafaring Holy Week 2024



It has recently been announced that the renowned artist and graphic designer Ibán Ramón, MArch speaker, has been in charge of creating the official poster for the 2024 edition.

This year’s poster captures the essence of this celebration so deeply rooted in Valencian tradition and represents a contemporary vision of Holy Seaman’s Week, fusing historical heritage, recovering the silhouette of the face of Christ, with modern elements such as the use of typography. that highlight beauty and solemnity. The design features a vibrant color palette and unique visual composition that reflects the devotion and emotionality of this significant event. The poster will become an iconic piece that will promote Seafaring Holy Week throughout the community.

Seafaring Holy Week is an event deeply rooted in the culture of Valencia, attracting thousands of visitors each year to witness processional parades, theatrical performances and other religious and cultural activities. With the poster design by Ibán Ramón, it is expected that this edition will be even more memorable and exciting for all participants and spectators.


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