Introduction to the kite making workshop with Yturralde



In the introductory session of the workshop for the making of kites of the MArch master’s degree in Industrialized Architecture, we had the intervention of José María Yturralde, National Prize for Plastic Arts and one of the most internationally recognized Spanish artists.

Heir to Rothko, he studied at the Valencia School of Fine Arts and MIT in the United States. There he was able to meet Josep Lluís Sert, Richard Buckminster Fuller or György Kepes, among others; These characters influenced his work as a whole and strengthened his interest in light structures.

In MArch he shared with us part of his work on the one hand, the things that inspire him on the other (always linked to the scientific and experimental field, prioritizing astronomy and natural sciences), and the composition and shape of the models. Throughout his career he has built several types of kites and in this session he brought photographs of them to serve as the basis for the workshop in question.


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