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The students of the different MArch programs have traveled to Madrid to visit some of the projects that the Fran Silvestre Arquitectos studio is carrying out in one of the most exclusive districts of the capital of Spain, La Moraleja.

Specifically, they visited four projects: The three of ThreeSeven, a real estate development called The Trilogy, made up of three exclusive homes located in front of the golf course of the Real Club de Golf La Moraleja, and a fourth located on the Paseo del Conde de los Gaitanes. The first three, known as Villa 18, Villa Lago and Villa Lavan, are built in different typologies. Villa 18 consists of three volumes of different heights, organically arranged on irregular platforms. The contours of the curved walls intersect to create an open space, creating a terrace that can be developed for a variety of uses.

Villa Lago is developed as a growing part of a series of elements that can be found in nature, evolving from the architectural solutions of the natural environment. Its volumes are arranged on the ground following a slight unevenness, settling on a slightly irregular base, giving naturalness to the shape itself.

Finally, Villa Lavan is presented as a superposition of two very solid volumes, with a game created from the rotation between them, creating a covered terrace that allows you to enjoy the depth of the landscape. The project presents two solid sides that fulfill a structural function, with a clear horizontal aspect allowing the complete opening of the façade through large windows that overlook the garden.

After the visit to the villas of The Trilogy, where the students have been able to verify the advanced state of the structure in all cases, and the beginning of the incorporation of coatings in one of them, a visit has been carried out to Villa Gaitanes, the result of a geometric study arising from the addition and subtraction of circular shapes to a central rectangular mass. The circular shapes that compose it generate environments of covered and uncovered terraces that embrace the natural green landscape existing on the land.

In all four cases, the professionals from ProjectWork, a company involved in the construction of the four houses, who detailed the construction process in detail and answered the students’ doubts in all cases.


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