DVEIN begins its workshop for MArch students



The creative studio Dvein, made up of Carlos Pardo and Teo Guillem, which every year collaborates with MArch in module 04_Digital Innovation, gave a talk at the Centre Octubre in which they showed some of their most relevant work carried out for brands as renowned as the Japanese Shisheido or the French Jean-Paul Gaultier, to name but a few. They also showed some of their more experimental projects, and all of this not only to share their creativity with the MArch students, but also to give them a background to the workshop they are planning to hold over the next few days.

It consists of the development of an idea based on a brainstorming session in which they put together concepts that, a priori, may seem very far apart, or even opposed, but which, by finding common ground, can give rise to very powerful ideas that can be transformed into advertising spots, video clips or some kind of audiovisual production.

The results of this workshop are surprising, even for the students themselves, as they realise that the skills acquired allow them to achieve results that, with training, can turn them into professionals.


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DVEIN begins its workshop for MArch students