Difference between industrialized, systematized and modular architecture: Optimization in construction



In the world of architecture and construction, innovation and the search for more efficient methods are constantly developing. In this context, three approaches stand out for their ability to transform the construction industry: industrialized, systematized and modular architecture. These approaches are based on similar principles but have key differences in their implementation and end results.

Industrialized architecture focuses on the standardization and mass production of building components. This approach uses advanced technology and specialized machinery to manufacture elements such as walls, floors, ceilings, and facades in a production facility. These pre-built components are transported to the construction site and assembled efficiently and quickly. Industrialized architecture allows speeding up construction times, reducing costs and guaranteeing the quality and consistency of the elements used.

On the other hand, the systematized architecture is based on the standardization of processes and workflows. Components are produced and clear guidelines and protocols are established for each stage of the architectural project. This includes everything from planning and design to construction and maintenance. The systematized architecture allows greater efficiency in the execution of projects by establishing standardized procedures and optimizing coordination between the different actors involved.

Modular architecture is distinguished by its focus on building modules or complete units that can be combined to create larger structures. These modules are manufactured in a factory and shipped to the construction site for final assembly. It features fast and efficient construction of custom buildings. Furthermore, this technique makes it easy to relocate or reuse the modules in different locations.


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