Presentation of the new aesthetics of Diseño Interior magazine



On February 27, Madrid, and within the framework of the Madrid Design Festival, witnessed an event in the world of design with the presentation of the redesign of the Diseño Interior magazine, directed by Pilar Marcos, MArch speaker. The meeting took place at Margarita Estudio, in the Tetuán neighborhood, where prominent professionals from the sector met.

In a setting accompanied by the exhibition TetuánCrea, in which works by Lucas Muñoz, Federico Antelo, Uak, Marta Lapeña, Ase Torralba, Palo, Gaia Schilaci, Ale Domic, Ciuco Gutiérrez, Lelamp, Pedro Cerisola, MIL Studios, Pichi were exhibited Pottery, Calma Chechu and Nina Mûr, the new image of this emblematic publication was unveiled, which has set a trend in the field of interior design and architecture.

The event was attended by renowned designers, architects, editors and design lovers, who were able to appreciate first-hand the innovations and improvements made to the magazine. The new design, made by Laia Guarro Studio, is characterized by its freshness, modernity and elegance, reflecting Interior Design’s commitment to editorial excellence and creativity in design. During the presentation, the significant changes in the layout, typography and visual content of the magazine were highlighted, as well as the inclusion of renewed sections and themes that respond to the latest trends and needs of the sector. In addition, exciting collaborations with renowned designers and prestigious brands were announced, which promise to further enrich the magazine’s content.

The Interior Design redesign not only represents an aesthetic evolution, but also a firm commitment to quality, innovation and inspiration in the world of interior design. With this new image, the magazine consolidates itself as an indispensable reference for professionals and design enthusiasts, offering relevant, current content with great visual impact.


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