MArch Postgraduate in Industrialized Architecture: Connecting Architecture and Industry



The MArch Postgraduate in Industrialized Architecture opens its doors, aiming to establish a direct connection between the practice of architecture and its industrialization and transformation. This innovative program offers students comprehensive training through practical activities that systematize and apply technical knowledge to the development of the different phases of the industrial process, from initial prototyping to the execution of work and quality control.

This course is designed to connect students with industry leaders. Students will have the opportunity to learn from the direct experience of recognized professionals participating in the program, in addition to visits and trips that will enrich their perspective and understanding of the industry.

The program is open to final year students, graduates or professionals in Architecture, Technical Architecture, Interior Design, Product Design or other technical and creative disciplines. The content of the MArch Postgraduate in Industrialized Architecture is grouped into different modules by areas of knowledge. Each of these modules consists of various workshops and lectures, which combine practical activities with theoretical knowledge. The program culminates with a final module that offers the student the opportunity to develop a global project throughout the course.

MArch’s practical approach is reflected in the quality of teaching, with activities taught by professionals in each field. Students will learn from a practical approach, with studies, companies, and experts from each area of knowledge sharing their wisdom and experience.

The program is rounded off with a series of trips and visits that complement the activities. These experiences allow students to firsthand know architecture and design projects, visit studios, companies, and works in progress, and participate in the most important architecture and design events internationally.

The MArch Postgraduate in Industrialized Architecture is a unique opportunity for those seeking not just to study architecture, but also understand and apply its intersection with the industry. In an increasingly technological and industrialized world, this skill will be vital for future design and architecture leaders. To enroll, interested parties must send an email to with the information of the program they wish to pursue, along with their passport and CV/Portfolio.


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