Exhibition The shaving machine. 100 years of design and fashion



A new exhibition curated by Andrés Alfaro Hofmann and Remedios Samper has recently been inaugurated at the Espai Alfaro, which presents a varied collection of razors and shaving machines for men and women that have stood out for more than a hundred years due to to its design and effectiveness.

This exhibition offers a perspective on the evolution of technology, aesthetics and society over time, including period advertising materials that shed light on the societies and gender roles of each period.

The exhibit explores the history of shaving from the invention of the first safety razor with interchangeable blades in 1895 to the present day. Among the notable objects is the Valet Model C clipper from the early 20th century, which featured a mechanism to sharpen the blade and prolong its useful life. Also worth highlighting are innovative models such as the Packard Lektro-shaver, a bladeless electric shaver, and the Camera-look, which bore a certain resemblance to a camera. The exhibition highlights the historical competition between companies such as Schick in the United States and Philips and Braun in Europe in the electric shaving market.

Shaving, a daily practice for many people, is also related to the design of the utensils used over the years. The exhibition, titled “The shaver. 100 years of design and fashion” from the Alfaro Hofmann Collection, offers a unique vision of more than a century of history of this everyday object and its relationship with the evolution of design and fashion. The exhibition will be open until February 23.


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