Gimeno Gràfic designs the image of the House of Architecture



The renowned Gimeno Gràfic studio, headed by Pepe Gimeno, National Design Award winner, has won the competition called for the design of the image and brand of the recently born House of Architecture.

In the context of the National Architecture Strategy, the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, in collaboration with the Arquia Foundation through the Secretariat of Urban Agenda and Architecture, intends to promote the sector as a tool of cultural diplomacy, and to do so The House of Architecture has been created.

People with different sensitivities can connect through the House of Architecture, which seeks to become a national and international reference in the dissemination of architecture, especially Spanish architecture. The organization aims to serve as a platform for exchange between institutions and associations related to the dissemination of architecture.

The mission includes: promoting and improving knowledge and awareness of architecture as a component of the values of society, dissemination of Spanish architectural heritage and modern expressions; the positioning of Spanish architecture in the national and international panorama; greater civic engagement; create collaborations and synergies with institutions involved in the research, dissemination and promotion of high-quality architecture.


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