New course begins. Ninth edition of the MArch Postgraduate and Master’s degrees in Architecture and Design



One week after classes begin, we have welcomed the students of this ninth edition of MArch with the presentation of the Postgraduate and Master’s degrees in Architecture and Design.

The event took place in the Espai Alfaro, where the classes of the school year will be taught. During the visit, the students were able to see, in addition to the facilities and the studio of Fran Silvestre Arquitectos, the Alfaro Hofmann collection of industrial design, the legacy of the sculptor Andreu Alfaro and the NIU N70 prototype designed by Fran Silvestre.

This ninth edition 21-22 will begin with 60 registered students, who will join an alumni network of more than 300 former students of 50 different nationalities. This year, just like the previous ones, there will be a group of them in English and also a new international master’s program: Master MArch in Industrial Architecture. This new program seeks to deepen the construction manufacturing processes with the aim of developing advanced knowledge about architectural industrialization systems, highlighting the minimum loss and the maximum value. The training is developed through practical activities that allow the systematization and application of technical knowledge in the development of the different phases within the work activity.

During the first module, the main topic will be COMMUNICATING, an increasingly important area within the professional world. It will cover topics such as graphic design, marketing and communication, social media, photography or photo editing, among others.

For this, we will have different professionals specialized in each subject such as the photographer Diego Opazo, organizer of TEDx talks César Gómez-Mora, communicator and journalist Vicent Molins, and the directors of the well-known sector magazines Soledad Lorenzo, Architecture and Design and Pilar Marcos, from Interior Design.

Likewise, we will have the honor of having with us the prestigious architect Emilio Tuñón for the opening conference of the course.

We will also address the most interesting topics, such as layout, artistic direction of a photographic shooting, or communication through digital media and social networks.


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