Financial Planning Sessions in the Architecture MBA: MArch Advanced Program



Within the MArch Advanced in Architecture, Design and Business Administration master’s program, classes have begun on one of the most important aspects of this MBA in architecture: the Financial Planning sessions.

They are taught by Ana de Pablo and will address everything related to the administrative and economic management of an architecture or design studio, as well as a human resources plan and its organization. Ana de Pablo has a degree in Business Administration and Management from the Polytechnic University of Valencia, with a solid financial background ranging from the banking sector to the study of Fran Silvestre Arquitectos, where she plays the role of Financial Manager. Among her functions, she supervises the financial operations of the studio, as well as manages the economic relations with clients and collaborators.

With extensive experience in negotiation, she has successfully participated in transactions with various business groups, demonstrating skills in both opportunity identification and conflict resolution. Her ability to manage relationships has been fundamental not only in the business environment, but also in her role as intermediary between the MArch graduate school and the European University, where she has strengthened strategic alliances.

In addition, she shares her experience and expertise as a lecturer in the area of finance and HR management in the MArch Advanced program. Her involvement in the development of business plans and business strategies brings a practical and up-to-date approach to the training of future professionals in the field of architecture and business management.


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