Alba de la Fuente in MArch



The architect Alba de la Fuente, an expert in visualization, has visited the MArch school for another year to share her professional experience with our students.

Specialized in artistic conceptualization and research, Alba has explored new perspectives in architectural representation and the creation of innovative projects. Her technical skills include mastery of advanced software tools such as 3ds Max, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe After Effects, which have allowed her to develop community-acclaimed architectural visualizations.

During the talk, Alba shared her experiences working with some of the most prestigious studios in the field of architecture and design. At Ricardo Bofill’s studio, she collaborated on projects that combined Bofill’s architectural vision with CGI technology, creating visualizations that captured the essence of the designs. In collaboration with Andrés Reisinger, Charlotte Taylor and Tom Dixon she has developed conceptual proposals and explores new ways of presenting architectural projects through images.

Alba de la Fuente’s presentation at MArch offers a valuable perspective on the future of the industry and emerging trends in architectural design, as well as an example of how to leverage new tools to explore new market niches.


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