IV Workshop Internacional de Audiovisual con RCR Arquitectes



From July 3 to 15, 2023, the IV International Audiovisual Workshop will take place, organized by RCR Arquitectes and directed by the prestigious Japanese photographer Hisao Suzuki.

The aim is to expand the knowledge of the audiovisual language, both at a theoretical and practical level, in the representation, capture and explanation of space and architecture. To do this, we will start from an approach to RCR Arquitectes’ work, we will continue to share with Hisao Suzuki his way of approaching photography and of considering the composition, and then we will delve into the rest of aspects that are part of the audiovisual expression: narration, rhythm, sonority, …

This workshop is designed for all those who want to have the ability to explain their own work, or that of another, through the creation of videos with a vocation to communicate, and also adaptable to new digital formats and trends in social networks.

You can sign up here


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