Aires Mateus lecture



Yesterday, MArch students had the honor of receiving Manuel Aires Mateus, one of the most outstanding Portuguese architects on the current scene. His career in architecture began in 1985, working in the studio of Gonçalo Byrne.

However, his desire to innovate and leave his personal mark led him, together with his brother Francisco, to found the Aires Mateus studio in 1988.

Since its inception, the Aires Mateus studio has been synonymous with avant-garde and quality, with works in various parts of the world. Manuel shared with the students details of projects that have set trends and have established themselves as references in contemporary architecture. Among them, the museums of Lausanne, the Casa no Barreiro, the house in Campo de Ourique and the Casa Wabi stand out, each with its particularity and hallmark that reflects the vision of the study.

But beyond his work as an architect, Manuel Aires Mateus has also played an important role in the training of future professionals. He has taught at renowned institutions such as the Mendrisio Academy of Architecture, the Graduate School of Design at Harvard and the Faculdade de Arquitetura of the Autonomous University of Lisbon.

The talk given at MArch was not only an opportunity to learn about the work of a great architect, but also a source of inspiration for the students, who were able to learn first-hand about the experience and wisdom of Manuel Aires Mateus.


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