The Crystal Residence. Alba De la Fuente in collaboration with Andrés Reisinger



The architect Alba de la Fuente, in collaboration with Andrés Reisinger, have presented a new virtual house, the second of its kind. It has been named The Crystal Residence and succeeds The Winter House, moving to the other extreme: from a snowy environment, they have now moved to a desert environment.

The name of the project refers to its envelope, since it is a house completely open to the desert through large glass panels that allow 360-degree contemplation. On this occasion, the reflections achieved with the digital tools they use achieve perfect realism.

Alba De la Fuente is a MArch speaker in the second part of the MArch Master in Architecture, Design and Innovation and in the MArch Postgraduate in Design and Digital Innovation. Her experience and insights in the field of architectural visualization provide students with a valuable perspective on the future of the industry and emerging trends in design and architecture.


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