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Last year the publishing house General Ediciones de Arquitectura, better known as TC Cuadernos, published a monograph in which different projects carried out by former MArch students were collected.

One of these projects was the Morrison complex, signed by BBOA, the studio of Fernando Brunel, who studied MArch in 2018/2019. Fernando’s career is of great interest and the works developed in his studio, both those executed, those in the project phase and even those proposed as ideas, demonstrate a very solid and thoughtful criterion.

The published project in question, the Morrison building, a residential complex of seven identical 100 m2 units, sought to increase the land density three times more than in the surrounding area, which represented a challenge due to the diversity and differentiation of the existing buildings in the area. Hypotheses and variables were raised about the appearance of the new houses and how they could be integrated into the environment. Although greater density was sought, it was intended to preserve valuable aspects of the surrounding context.

In this project, we focused on valuing the intermediate spaces between the houses and the boundaries of the plots. The seven residential units were designed as free perimeter structures, accessible from all sides and with openings in all directions, reflecting the identity of the place and its environment. Despite the uniformity required in the distribution and size of the houses, it was possible to create uniqueness in each one by taking advantage of the open space, which allowed the individual expansions to determine characteristics such as size, light, shadow and relationship with the neighboring houses, avoiding monotony in the landscape.


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