Architectural Visualization Workshop



Angelo Brollo and Victor Gonzalez, members of FSA LAB, have started the Architectural Visualization Workshop with which they intend to transmit their knowledge of 3DS Max to the students of the different MArch programs. During the sessions, they share the working methodology used in the studio of Fran Silvestre Arquitectos, focused on the generation of high quality renderings for architectural and product design projects.

Software such as V-Ray is covered in depth, along with techniques for creating realistic and detailed renderings that accurately reflect the designs they generate. In addition, the sessions also focus on providing resources and strategies to optimize and improve the different creation processes, teaching how to reduce rendering time, improve the accuracy of textures and materials, and adjust lighting and composition for more impactful images.

These classes include practical examples and real-time exercises, where students apply what they learn to their own projects and receive direct feedback from the FSA LAB team. This practice allows them to improve their architectural visualization skills and adopt a more professional and efficient approach to rendering. The collaboration with FSA LAB in module 04_Digital Innovation of the MArch programs offers an exceptional opportunity for students to learn a practical and efficient methodology, giving them a unique perspective on current trends in architectural visualization and ways on how to apply them in their professional projects.


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