The legacy of Andreu Alfaro



In the Espai Alfaro, the former workshop of one of the most relevant sculptors of the Spanish 20th century, today the MArch postgraduate school is located together with the legacy of Andreu Alfaro – as well as the architecture studio of Fran Silvestre Arquitectos, the studio of Interior design by Alfaro Hofmann and the Alfaro Hofmann Collection of product design.

The Espai houses a careful selection of 49 sculptures that make up a unique treasure of Andreu Alfaro’s artistic legacy. This collection, inherited by the sculptor’s children, represents various significant phases of Alfaro’s professional career, ranging from plates and modules to variable geometries and figures inspired by Goethe’s universe.

This selection of works has been carefully curated following the instructions and preferences of Alfaro himself and advised by personal friends of the artist. Despite having diverse professions and sensitivities, they have worked together to offer a vision of the work that allows for multiple readings.

The collection spans works made from 1958 to the early 2000s, showing not only the artist’s creative evolution but also the variety of materials he worked with, including metals, stone, wood and plastics. In addition, it takes a look at the influences that nourished his work, from great figures such as Brancusi and Leonardo Da Vinci to experiences that marked his life and his art, such as the Brussels Universal Exhibition in 1958 or his travels to Egypt and Rome.

The collection not only celebrates the versatility and depth of Alfaro’s art, but also demonstrates how the sculptor became one of the greatest exponents of minimalism. The exhibition, which is open to the public by appointment, is presented as a unique opportunity to understand and appreciate the rich legacy of the sculptor, who undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the history of contemporary art. Check the collection here.


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