Estudi{H}ac x Mini



The design studio that runs a workshop in MArch, Estudi{H}ac, has recently signed an agreement with the automobile company Mini, belonging to the Mercedes group, and particularly with its Mini Spain delegation, with the task of creating what will be named as a MINI space for the next edition of the Madrid Design Festival in 2024.

Although at the moment it is unknown what the proposal proposed for said space will be, it is known that it will be included in the framework of Fiesta Design, in the form of an immersive installation that will invite the visitor to discover, from within, the new Mini model. that will see the light of day in the coming months. There will be three aspects to highlight: sustainability, design and digitalization.

Estudi{H}ac stands as a design workshop founded by José Manuel Ferrero, specialized in the conception of personalized projects in the field of product design, interior architecture and the creation of temporary installations. Each of these projects is custom designed to meet the unique needs of each client, seeking to create exceptional spaces and products that stand out both for their initial appearance and for their underlying narrative.

Since its founding, it has established collaborations with a wide variety of companies specialized in sectors such as hospitality, product design and, now also, automotive, which allows them to offer flexibility and efficiency in each project.


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