Concept Development Workshop



After the inspiring experience of the Thinking Through Making Workshop led by Gino Brollo last week, MArch students have continued immersed in their creative process in module 02, “Investigate”, under the guidance of the prominent architect and department director creative by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos, David Cirocchi.

In this exciting workshop, students have selected one of the ideas they explored during the previous workshop and have begun to shape it into a new stage of conceptual development. During this process, they have faced challenges ranging from interior distribution to adapting the shape to different scales. To this end, they have been entrusted with the task of designing a shelter, a versatile project that can be located in various locations with varied climates, which adds an additional level of complexity and enrichment to their proposals.

Locations considered include extremely hot environments, extremely dry areas, windy places, areas with high rainfall, regions with frigid climates, places with abundant snow, and regions with dense fog. The design program encompasses the creation of spaces for rest, food preparation, dining, work and personal hygiene.

At the end of this challenging exercise, each student will be required to submit a detailed architectural plan, a cross section, a photograph of a conceptual model, and a striking conceptual image that reflects their unique and creative vision for the shelter of the future. This focus on research and concept development has proven to be a valuable opportunity to explore new ideas and skills in the field of architecture and design.


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