Microarchitecture Workshop with Estudi{H}ac



José Manuel Ferrero, founder of Estudi{H}ac, recognised with numerous awards for his work and career, has once again participated in MArch with a presentation in which he shared some of his projects with MArch students and at the same time proposed a workshop that has been developed during these days in collaboration with the company Kriskadecor, with which an exercise of the same characteristics was carried out during the previous course.

The exercise, which consisted of tackling a part of a retail project, was developed by finding a way to integrate the product of the Kriskadecor brand, a brand renowned for its production of decorative metal chains, which stand out in the field of interior and exterior design. These chains are made from anodised aluminium and have become a creative and versatile solution for transforming and embellishing spaces. The company offers a wide range of applications for its products, from room dividers to wall and façade cladding.

Students meet this challenge by being able to use the product as room dividers. These chains allow areas to be divided without blocking light and airflow, creating semi-private environments that are functional and aesthetically pleasing. In addition, they are used to clad walls and facades, providing texture, colour and unique patterns that can visually transform any surface.

Alternatively, they can be used to configure spaces that are also art installations. These customised artworks and decorations add a creative and dynamic touch to spaces, becoming focal points that capture attention. The brand has also developed lighting elements that use the metal chains to create light and shadow effects, adding an extra dimension to interior design.

As for José Manuel Ferrero, he has worked on many projects for Estudi{H}ac, collaborating with brands such as Toyota Asia, Mini, Porcelanosa, Sancal, Vondom and Toulemonde Bochart, as well as developing interior design projects for the Hard Rock Hotel, Paco Roncero, Tipics, Poncelet, Solan de Cabras and the Balandret hotel in Valencia.


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