Barozzi Veiga Lecture



On Friday, January 26, the students were able to enjoy the presentation by the award-winning Barozzi Veiga studio, given by Alberto Veiga, one of its founding partners, who are an excellent example of a studio dedicated to conducting and participating in competitions, which is of great interest for students in general.

In his presentation, Alberto Veiga made a historical tour full of references, in addition to referring punctually to his own projects, and then went on to explain two projects that are currently being developed: the Groeninge Abbey Museum Kortrijk, which is scheduled to be completed in 2025, and Oolite Arts Miami, which is also expected to finish next year. In his speech, he also showed part of the work process they carry out, with sketches and models, to later make renders with which to communicate the project.

The Barozzi Veiga architecture studio, based in Barcelona, Spain, has built an impressive track record over the years, standing out for its contemporary approach and commitment to quality and architectural innovation. Founded by Fabrizio Barozzi and Alberto Veiga, the studio has developed a wide variety of projects ranging from cultural and educational buildings to public spaces and private residences in different parts of the world. His work is characterized by meticulous attention to detail, elegance of form and careful integration into the surrounding environment. Barozzi Veiga has been awarded numerous awards and recognitions, consolidating its position as one of the most influential and respected architecture studios on the international scene.


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