MArch 2023 2024 begins



On the 13th, the welcome session for the 2023 2024 academic year of the MArch Valencia school’s master’s and postgraduate programs took place. In it, the students were informed about how the course will operate, how the groups have been structured and where and how the different sessions that will take place in the coming months will take place.

The new students had the opportunity to meet their tutors (Carolina Rojas and David Soto for group 01, Marco Grechi for group 02, Dalia Alba for group 03 and Javier Selfa for group 04) and part of the faculty members teacher: Maria Masià, Sevak Asatrián, Sara Atienza…

As the main novelty, in addition to the Espai Alfaro, the school’s main headquarters since its beginnings, starting this year we will also have a new space located in the center of the city, in the Center Octubre, one of the first buildings built in the city using a metal structure, which functioned as a department store and is today a cultural center presided over, in its central space, by a large sculpture by Andreu Alfaro.

In this edition we will have four groups and a diversity in terms of nationalities that will make the course a more enriching experience if possible: The usual ones from Spain, Italy, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Uruguay, Peru, Bolivia and the United States United, among many others, now join students from Canada, Georgia, Haiti and Serbia.


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