Start of course and MArch International



On March 12 and 14, the start of the course for MArch postgraduate students in digital design and innovation and the MArch International event took place. In the first case, we welcomed the new students who joined on this date, from different countries, and who will finish their studies at the end of September.

At the opening ceremony of the course, they had the opportunity to see the Espai Alfaro, the facilities where the classes are taught, as well as the different collections found there, such as the legacy of Andreu Alfaro and the Alfaro Hofmann Collection. of industrial design.

On the other hand, regarding the MArch International, on this day, students share some details of their places of origin with the rest of their classmates, emphasizing architecture, sharing excellent examples for some unknown, but also showing other aspects such as gastronomy or music.

The diversity of origins of the students of the different MArch programs makes this a very special day, offering the opportunity to learn more about countries such as Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru or Mexico, among many others. Currently, more than 53 different nationalities have studied at the MArch graduate school, each of them contributing part of their culture.


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