Ibán Ramón for Pirotecnia Vulcano



The award-winning Valencian designer and MArch speaker Ibán Ramón has designed the catalog of Pirotecnia Vulcano, an avant-garde Spanish fireworks show company.

The work carried out has different types of paper and a fluorescent ink has been included in the printing, which also dyes the edges. Most of the images that appear are shown in black and white, which is a transgressive feature within the world of pyrotechnics, which always opts for color. It appears only in three sections, in which three complete pyrotechnic shows are shown in depth, reproduced on high-gloss paper. These three sections of the catalog are rotated and force the reading direction of the book to change. Throughout the publication, great attention and care has been paid to the details, such as the use of orange thread for the binding.


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