CICA’s tribute to Álvaro Siza



On May 6, the Serralves Foundation was the venue for a tribute to Álvaro Siza, which was attended by Siza himself, Wilfried Wang (president of CICA), and Ana Tostões (member of CICA and president of AICA_PT – International Association of Art Critics, Portugal).

Wilfried Wang, president of CICA, kicked off the event, followed by a conversation with Ana Tostões, president of AICA_PT and CICA member, where Álvaro Siza described his favorite project to answer the questions: Should a building be a world unto itself? Or should it relate to its context? The best buildings achieve both: creating an order and a language of their own while interacting with and shaping their surroundings.

CICA (International Committee of Architectural Critics) was founded in 1978 during the 13th World Congress of the International Union of Architects (UIA), by Pierre Vago, Bruno Zevi, Max Blumenthal, Mildred Schmertz, Blake Huges, Jorge Glusberg, Louise Noëlle and Julius Posener, among others.

This tribute to Álvaro Siza, promoted by CICA, took place at the Serralves Foundation, as part of the parallel program curated by architect and MArch speaker António Choupina for the exhibition C.A.S.A. (Álvaro Siza Collection, Archive).

In October, as a continuation of the international conferences on the “Power and Duty of Architectural Criticism” (2021), “Defining Architectural Quality” (2022) and “Architecture as Constructed Criticism” (2023), the 2024 conference “Between Autonomy and Engagement”, which seeks to recognize the contributions of Álvaro Siza and Denise Scott Brown, will be held online.


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