Geodazzle, the space designed by Estudi{H}ac at Casa Decor



In collaboration with Museum and Harmony, the creative studio directed by Juan Carlos Ferrero, Estudi{H}ac, has designed the space named Geodazzle for Casa Decor 2023.

Geodazzle responds to the union of two words, “Geo”, which represents Museum, with the new Sublime collection, which represents the force of nature for the creation of extraordinary textures on ceramics.

An irregular grid pattern leads to the creation of graphic surfaces that explore the functional relationship between sight, which detects patterns, and the brain, which interprets them. A union of space with art, paying homage to Victor Vassarely and Op-Art. On the other hand, “Dazzle” alludes to Harmony. Its great variety of contemporary designs lead to the creation of a linear graphic pattern inspired by the avant-garde camouflage technique based on a complex geometric pattern. A monochrome wall in green tones makes its way. A large horizontal fold splits the wall, allowing natural light from outside to enter in a very subtle way.


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