International students:
Process visas, NIE and TIE

What type of visa should I manage?

For those people who do not have an EU passport or one belonging to the Schengen Area, they must apply for an open type D study visa when the stay exceeds 180 days. It is a visa valid for 90 days and obtaining it implies the commitment of processing the TIE during the first 30 days after entering the Schengen Area.

Similarly, there are type D study visas valid for 180 days, referring to stays of up to 6 months. They do not allow processing the TIE, and can be extended from 60 days before its expiration.

How to manage the NIE?

The NIE is the Foreigner Identity Number. There are two ways to obtain the NIE: once the student visa granted by the Spanish Embassy or Consulate in each demarcation has been obtained, a number is issued that begins and ends with a capital letter (X or Y in the most cases), and which corresponds to the NIE.

Another possibility is that the NIE is not issued on the visa, which means that it must be requested from Spain. The process must start by requesting an appointment through the following link:

How to manage the TIE?

The TIE is the Foreigner Identity Card and it becomes a mandatory procedure when the stay is going to be longer than 6 months. Also, as indicated above, the management of the TIE must be carried out during the first month of stay in Spain.

To obtain it, an appointment must be made in advance at a police station under the option “Police – Fingerprint taking (issue of card) and renewal of long-term cards”

The documents required to complete the process are the following:

1. Passport with the visa and sheet on which the stamp of entry to Spain appears. If the entry has occurred through a European country, the boarding pass must be presented at the time of arrival in Spain

2. Form EX-17:

3. Recent passport-size color photograph with a white background

4. Document of admission/registration in the educational center

5. Proof of payment of the fee Model 790 Code 012 of the Ministry of the Interior

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